“First and foremost Rabamari is a nordic origin brand that has been created for super-powering our health and wellbeing with organic herbs.”

Herbal Tea

“Creating new blends and flavor combinations from the ancient healing plants from pure Estonian forests and meadows is what brings us pleasure and we love it.”


“We offer artisan and vintage tableware to compliment our hand-picked and carefully selected immune boosting tisane assortment. Make a conscious choice – it doesn’t always have to be new!”


choose wisely

We offer a small and carefully selected range of handcrafted and vintage products in our webshop.

Beautiful rustic bowls and mugs, perfect for your cup of tea.

Vintage silverware to compliment our ceramic sets.

Pure stonewashed linen tea towels to pamper your mugs.

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Herbal Blends


Take a moment for yourself and your wellbeing with a warming cup of our antioxidant and vitamin C enriched tea blends. Give your immune system a nudge with the delicious combinations of mint, lingonberry, nettle, moldavian dragonhead, blackcurrant and raspberry.

5 fabulous blends

money back guarantee!

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Our product range


Tea blends

Our delicious smooth blends and various varieties seductively charm you at the start of your day.


Together with Estonian ceramicists we create northern ceramic art that also defines the soul of our brand.


Vintage cutlery and silver make a beautiful match with our tea selection and tableware.


Sweet enough to substitute candy! The secret of our marmalade is simple – nature. Sweet berries. Organic forest products.


A selection of fun and one-of-a-kind accessories for your delight and perfect cup of tea!


Herbal infusion

Why drink herbal tea?

Traditional Healing Herbal tea is seen as a health drink in many northern cultures and has also been used as a home remedy far back in time. Our blends consist of different tasty herb mixtures that all have different immune boosting effects on the body.


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