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Our brand name RABAMARI is an Estonian word for wild lingonberries – “bog berries” – an ancient northern source for everyday vitamins and vitality. We believe in the superpowers of the mother nature and we hope you enjoy the findings on this page! Everything in the shop is carefully chosen by us in cooperation with our talented craftsmen and herb masters.

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RABAMARI is created by two sisters – Mari and Kati – entrepreneurs, photographers, mothers & creators. We are blessed with being born in a Nordic country, known by it’s clean and rich nature where superfoods can be picked by everyone from forests and meadows. This land, where summer days are long and winters are dark, all herbs and berries are full of antioxidants and enriched with healthy nutrients. We still remember our grandmothers and grandfathers taking us to forest to pick wild berries and mushrooms. This is an old tradition that we carry on even today with our children, it is fun and it ensures us some balance needed for the body and mind.


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